2007 Movies 5/30/07

An over view of the entire 1/2 acre house lot filled with equipment and temporary living quarters.

Digging and recompacting the slab area. The county required that we dig 5' deep and compact the soil to have a solid base under the slab area. The clay soil was harder BEFORE the digging.

More digging and compacting = more needless expense courtesy of the county.

Compacting done and now the rebar hangers are being put in. This was another county requirement. We couldn't simply fill the existing cinder block with rebar and concrete. For "earthquake" protection, we needed interior rebar and concrete to reinforce the old foundation. More expense and less square footage in the basement. I'll bet we have the best Bomb Shelter in Vegas!!

Pouring the basement columns. These will be the base for the concrete first floor support beams.

Work begins on the egress and basement areas.

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