Final layer on basement walls June 5, 2007

Shortly after 6 am the spraying began. Chris is the nozzleman, as usual. Andreas is holding the over spray barrier. The inspector is on the top right of the picture with his clipboard.

Chris has finished with the top and has started on the each section from top to bottom.

The first corner finished.

Always starting at the bottom and working up.

Marcos starting the smoothing process before it has a chance to dry.

This is the incoming/outgoing wall. On the left is the incoming water all wrapped up to protect the pipe. Clear on the right right above the yellow marking string is the outgoing sewer pipe.

Marcos continuing with the smoothing process near the sewer that will be coming down from the second story bathroom.

Ray and the cement truck driver keeping the shotcrete pumping.

Cooling the engine with a spray of water.

Everyone has his own job to do; Oscar has two jobs--keeping the hose following Chris and turning the pumping on and off for Chris. (That's the orange cord Oscar is holding.)

Look at that spray. It is nice and even on the wall. (Marcos still smoothed it down.)

I like those columns. Ray says Home Depot --or was it Lowes--has half columns (round) I could cover the square ones with.

The floor was a mess but the guys are cleaning it up and putting the rebound in the slab area of the floor. It needed to be raised up a few inches with gravel. I love recycling!

Scraping andsmoothing and shoveling gets the basement looking good.

Miguel shoveling the rebound away from the wall.

Oscar scraping the fresh shotcrete off one of the columns.

Spraying the second truck of shotcrete.

Bringing the hose up from the basement. They look so much like a Chinese dragon.

Another view of the 'Chinese Dragon'.

Chris getting rid of the cement he had dotted all over him.

Is this a meeting going on? I have no idea what it was about.

One of the areas they were dumping the dried rebound.

The east side of the house slab filled with rebound.

The east portion of the north side of the dome. In fact this is part of the guest room.

Now why did I take this picture of Miguel? Well, anyway there he is--one of the newest members of the crew and contemplating whether he wants to be a regular member of the crew and travel the U.S.

Progress! The floor is clean. The walls are drying.

Marcos is such a perfectionist.

Chris and Oscar dismantling the rolling scaffolding at the end of the day.

It's lookin' good.

A wheelbarrow full of slushy concrete to make the walls smooth to the eye.

Marcos troweling on concrete and smoothing it out.

A long board helps scrape the high spots.

Miguel and Oscar making splats with the concrete then smooth out.

Another hard working concrete guy.

Oscar is wetting the wall, I think, to make the concrete slurry stick better.

2 of the outlets/switches. We didn't lose a single one. On this floor.

Almost done smoothing the wall.

Coiling up the shotcrete hose at the end of a very busy day.

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