First Stage Basement Shotcrete June 4, 2007

The QAA inspector is the one with his back to the camera in navy blue T-shirt.

A tarp is being draped over Christian's trailer.

Hoisting the hose down the stairs.

Getting the hose in place for shooting.

Getting in position to spray the box above the wall.

The spraying has started.

A better view of the tarp barrier that Miguel and Andreas are holding.

One more wall left after this one.

The last section using the overspray blocker.

The wall to the right of the fireplace has its first coat of shotcrete from bottom. Chris has already started the next section.

Chris is doing a fine job spraying. Miguel is holding the hose. Marcos is smoothing the rebound onto the lower wall.

Wow! It's actually happening.

Miguel is taking a water break. Even though it is before 7:30 am temps are supposed to top out at 105 so the day starts out already warm.

Marcos doing his concrete smoothing thing. Chris is spraying down low while the other 3 are at the ready to move the hose for him.

The shotcrete pump is smoking. A little oil and a cool down with the hose and spraying continued.

The human Chinese dragon relocating above stairs.

Spraying shotcrete in the slab are next to the inside of the ringbeam.

Chris shoots, Marcos smooths, the others help move the hose.

Miguel wanted to try his hand at shooting the shotcrete.

Still early in the morning.

Bringing up rebound for the slab area.

The 2 sample boxes that Chris and Ray shot.

Hard hat with face protector--unused for this shoot.

Emptying the hose in the ring beam.

Shoveling up rebound.

Christian's face after spraying shotcrete for 1 1/2 hours.

Did the outlet boxes get uncovered already or were they not even covered with shotcrete?

Finished for the day.

This wall faces north so it took longer to dry.

Close up showing shotcrete splattered rebar and the long nail spacers so they know when they hit the 3" mark.

This 'bridge' hass sbeen used several times since the fire almost 2 years ago. It was originally part of the gate into the back yard.

The dried shotcrete 10 hours later.

Looks like progress to me.

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