Re-Making the duck pond.

Dumping a load of duck muck from the pond.

What a yucky mucky mess.

The wind torn tarp had to go.

The duck muck and the plastic cleaned out of the pond. The tarp has been removed too.

Ready to be dug down deeper and all the green had to be scraped off too.

Somebody laid an egg on top of the chicken wire cover.

One of the nice looking mesquite trees in the chicken pen. They jump up and eat the leaves they can reach.

The other tree in the chicken pen is growing wild through the chicken wire.

While I began filling the pond, Carmen was putting the 'stone' around the edge of the pond.

2 chickens enjoying a cool drink of water at The Beach. This area is shallower so the chickens can walk in and out easily. Haven't lost a chicken to drowning since I dug out the duck pond.

Filling the pond. The broken cement from the garage, driveway and sidewalk makes for a natural looking pond border. And a lot cheaper than the real thing.

Filling the pond as seen from The Beach.

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