Making Beam Skeletons 5/30/07

Positioning equipment using the bobcat.

The three best rebar tyers in the county working on their second cross beam skeleton.

Spacing the pre-bent rebar squares preparing to tie them in place.

Ray working on this machine before giving up and taking it to the shop.

2 out 7 rebar skeletons finished. One in the process.

Back from the shop.

The top of the basement fireplace is just inside the living room wall. If I'd have know at the time of demolition it would have been that close to the wall, I'd have kept the fireplace. But I think I can put a fake fireplace in the living room.

The airform waiting for inflation day.

May 31, 2007

The pile of beam skeletons is growing.

Field expedient rebar bender to make the squares for the smallest beam that is in 3 sections.

Marcos and Christian starting on the last beam skeleton.

June 1, 2007

The last rebar cage was ready to be finished.

Getting ready to test the spray equipment.

Ray is unloading the hoses.

Checking the nozle.

Air cleaning the basement walls.

The basement stairs was moved to the fireplace for the duration of the shotcrete work.

Getting the basement ready for Monday's 6 am shotcreting.

Christian spraying the walls with water. This results is cleaner walls and making sure the equipment is operating correctly.

Chris showing the other 2 how to handle the nozzle.

The guys deciding who is going to try it next.

Marcos decided to try it while Chris helps hold the hose.

Marcos is practising with water.

And he decided cleaning the walls was a good idea.

Chris is spraying out the fireplace.

The sooty water leaving the fireplace.

Oscar is measuring where to put the rebar stakes so they'll know where to put the inner form for the ring beam.

Christian is using a level to make sure the stakes are at the proper height.

Marcos agreed to work later so the inner wall of the ring beam could be finished in preparation of Monday's work.

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