More basement work: May 29, 2007

Oscar was removing the forms from the concrete that was poured last week.

This is the fireplace at the first of the day and as you can see from the background my Better Half was home for the weekend. The load he was supposed to pick up fell through.

Back to the basement, Oscar is working away.

With the removal of the wooden forms the electrical boxes are exposed that were put in before the concrete was poured.

More forms removed from the top of the egress wall.

I went out to see if there were any photo opportunities and found the basement fireplace smoothed out with concrete. Makes it look really nice.

We're planning to put an electric heater into the opening in case we might need heat in the basement between Nov. & Feb.

The workers started putting together the rebar for one of the 6 beams that will cross the basement.

Looks like some sort of centipede in the making.

Looking down on the cement covered fireplace.

Ray watching as Marcos ties the rebar squares in place.

Marcos holding one end of the rebar beam while they flip it over to add 2 more rebar lengths to be tied in place.

All 3 workers tying the #6 rebar to the square rebar. 5 more #6 lengths of rebar will be added tomorrow.

Close up of rebar getting tied.

Oscar cutting the wire that is being used to tie the rebar. Marcos tying.

Oscar & Christian relaxing at the end of long day of work.

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